Applicant Tracking System

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I get it. A lot of people need jobs, especially in a pandemic. Going through hundreds of applications is tedious. Well, that’s just a problem that needs a solution, right? Cue the Application Tracking System: Helping streamline the application process between candidates and employers. Right? I’m not so sure.

Shifting careers to become a UX/UI Designer has been filled with so many lessons, but none like the experience of computer rejection. You’re faced with the lesson of knowing that automated rejection letters don’t determine your worth or skill level, but you also learn that submitting applications that will obviously go through the ATS actually isn’t totally the best for employers.

Of course there are those that work with ATS that are advocates simply because of the management system and how it weeds out “bad applicants” from “good applicants”. But, the automated filtration system used to separate the applications has so many faults that job seekers go back an forth with each other on the many ways to get past the system to get their resumes in a human hand. Some of the points argue the fundamentals of resume creation such as using .doc instead of .pdf, use a specific font, use bullet points, don’t use bullet points, or keyword the hell out of your resume. It seems as though keeping the attention span of an automated system is as difficult as keeping the attention span of……..people!

What I do know is that there is a lot of capable talent that have spent months filling out applications, getting automated rejection emails or none at all, and (from seeing this with my own eyes) finding about a month later that the companies have reposted the opening for the same position. This does make me wonder how much this really helps companies in finding the best candidate for the position.

I don’t expect it to change…..ever really seeing as about 98% of the bigger companies use the system. But, for all those that I know and don’t know who are familiar with the job search hurdles — KEEP PUSHING. REMEMBER YOUR WORTH & NETWORK. Find a human. Talk to a human. Learn from a human.

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