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After a little motorcycle incident and birthday festivities, slowing down was an order. So, I decided on a simple design challenge this week, but of course some things just aren’t that simple. Thanks to Crowwwn, they have very interesting weekly design challenges and provide feedback on submissions as well as cash prizes from a voting system.

The challenge this week was to solve for customers wanting to go to a hair salon. The problem was being able to set an appointment and order services ahead of time so that their beautician is ready when they arrive. After interviewing a few people, it seems as though there were grievances much deeper than that.

Present websites or applications for scheduling hair salon appointments have a bigger issue with not providing users the ability to specifically choose their beautician. Many users have spoken of this being their primary need when setting an appointment through a website or application.

So I decided on 3 mockups that would show a small flow where importance is more focused on the chosen beautician and the date/time of availability before actually choosing any services.

Mockup Flow
First step to setting an appointment

The design choices made were to provide simplicity in setting an appointment while also providing clarity of choices that have been made or can be altered. The hierarchy of decision making lies in the user choosing their personal stylist first. From there, they can then see that specific stylist’s availability. As they continue after the primary choices, they can see the services their stylists provides.

After extensive amount of research for this challenge, I found many salon websites and applications to be extremely outdated, and inaccessible. Having acquaintances that are hairstylist, I believe I might go deeper into the user flow, create more high fidelity mockups, and test them among my acquaintances and their clients.

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