Keep the Pace. Keep the Faith.

My Instagram Post on July 6, 2019

The “Hindsight is 20/20” expression was like the worst punchline we were all trying to reach on January 1st of this year. But, with this New Moon energy and the actual anniversary of lockdown (at least in NC state) being on my upcoming birthday, this marks a rollercoaster reflective reset. Speaking of which, I miss rollercoasters.

The summer 2019 me definitely felt a change brewing. We had already been dealing with 3 years of constant WTFs in the world. The question we all probably had deep in the pits of our souls was when does it end? That’s when 2020 came in and said “hold my beer”. Though the year provided plenty more moments of tears and disbelief, there were moments that forced an inner growth that seemed to time itself so perfectly on the squiggly line of life.

One such moment was the decision to start formally learning UI/UX Design through the Flatiron School bootcamp in February right before the lockdown. I was already doing self taught work for my pre-pandemic employer and through freelancing. But, I couldn’t have chosen a better time to invest in advancing my skills in an industry of substantial growth, especially in a time where we became confined to our homes and our devices within them. Going through this program, I found myself getting reacquainted with human skills and being in an environment of like-minded people who also seemed to be reacquainting in a different world of doing things.

From this experience, there were other moments of growth in reflecting on the relationships we have to each other. Being an introvert, social distancing was more like a reward than a consequence of something terrible happening in the world. But, being in that same boat of uncertainty with the shock of detachment was a mirror into a global vulnerability. One that is always staring you in the face, but you realize there are others hanging out with their eyes shut. As an empath, I found myself feeling so many highs and so many lows that weren’t mine. Learning how to navigate that for myself while still making myself as open as possible taught me how to establish healthy boundaries that I had needed pretty much all my life.

As we approach this anniversary, I know that I’m staring down the barrel of more growth opportunities professionally and personally. After recently finishing with Flatiron School, there is still so much to learn everyday in the UI/UX Design industry. From networking to trends to tools, and researching ways to improve life post-2020 shakeup. I find that what I learn in those experiences, I can apply to my individual expansion. Therefore smiling back at my reflection.

Side Note: Another thing I learned about was this awesome website that was designed during the early stages of the pandemic by Yuri Suzuki. As an audio geek as well, I found moments of connection and tranquility. The earth is an awe-inspiring place.