To Code, or Not To Code?

Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash

Coding is an ancient language that has been around since the early 1950s. It’s evolution is constant, and there are so many to choose to learn. In the time of technology that we live in, we should raise our glasses to the pioneers and current experts of computer science. They are the OG developers and designers.

Fast forward to today where there are specific titles for developers and designers as well as different tasks for the role they play, there is a fine line between those that believe that coding should be a part of all roles. Specifically for designers. I will not argue yes or no because I do believe that having some knowledge of popular programming language is helpful to communicating with back-end developers. Apparently, most of them believe the same due to some of the complexities and restraints that some projects have. I also believe that in company job descriptions you should not expect UX/UI designers to have strong knowledge in programming language. Apparently, the creators of the design tools we use also believe the same which is why some tools like Figma incorporate a coding tool that translates the assets and design for developer handoff. Then there’s Zeplin that is a wonderful tool specifically for the purpose of designer/developer collaboration.

Most of the problem lies in companies not realizing the differences between those that work front-end and those that work back-end. Perhaps they are not aware of the different job titles and what they specifically accomplish in a project. Or maybe they do, they just want you to do it all. Which is why those funny “Meet The Design Team” photos with the one person in a different look makes so much sense and is incredibly relatable.

In the end, it doesn’t hurt to have basic knowledge of programming as a designer. If you are hired as a UX/UI designer and are expected to program as well, make sure you price yourself accordingly.

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